I'm pretty pleased with myself (and update for those that remember me)

  • I’m just starting to get into SmartThings, I started out with a Ring Doorbell, upgraded it to a Nest Hello doorbell, Nest Outdoor Cam, Wyze Pan Cam, MyQ garage door hub, and added smart chips to the door locks. I bought a smart plug and while it took me awhile (and maybe updates to the SmartThings app?) I finally got it set so that if the front door is unlocked between sunset and sunrise, then the (indoor) lamp by the front door will turn on for 10 minutes. Ha!

    (It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, my mom passed away this Spring; we were very close and it’s hard not having her to talk with. My dad and estranged (her choice) sister are complete assholes and are trying to make my life miserable through backhanded ways. My youngest son (barely) graduated high school and is now attending community college; oldest (genius) son needs 2 classes to graduate from college (2 yrs behind thanks to anxiety); middle son has found the “love of his life” and I no longer feel needed in his life (senior in college). I kicked the husband out of the house two years ago because I had enough of his lying and narcissistic ways (which still continue btw). LOL, why can’t I have just a normal boring life?)
    ETA: I forgot to add that I adopted three ginger tabbies from a friends farm, no one told me that Ginger’s are naughty little devils!! They are fascinated with water, I have to keep their water dish in the bathtub and need to refill it two or three times a day because they splash it out.

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    @mom2jel Progress.with SmartThings. I hope you have the same in life.

  • welcome back mom2jel. it’s been awhile. and that was quite the update.

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    One of my kitties loooved to play with the water so I ended up putting the pet fountain in a plastic dish washing basin. He passed in February <sniffle… 😞 > so the fountain is once again on a boot tray.

  • Big round of applause, mom2jel. I am sooooo proud of you.

  • Wow! You SHOULD be proud of yourself! I dare not attempt any of this smart technologies, ashamed to admit. (Mostly because am afraid of hassles. )

  • Hey! Long time.

    I been thinking of using smart devices to better monitor mom. I work close so typically I stop by multiple times a week but not always. I need something to alert me if a sensor doesn’t sense motion for a set period, etc etc…

  • @zennuts
    I had LogicMark Freedom Alert for my mom (she wouldn’t wear the pendant - darn elderly parents are worse than toddlers!) so I hung it at the bottom of the basement steps in case she fell down them. I had also two “wall alert” buttons for next to her bed and garage entrance. No monthly fees, you can set it up to call specific numbers in sequence if no answer (and finally 911 if needed). At least I had slightly better peace of mind, lol.

    I’ve also heard of using an old cell phone with the free Alfred app… mount on the wall at the baseboard in the kitchen or bedroom and then set it up to alert you to motion (kind of opposite of what you want, but it’s free) and then if you notice no motion you’ll know to check on her.

  • sorry for your loss Mom2jel. Smart connected Tech is slowly getting there!

  • @frugalfreak said in I'm pretty pleased with myself (and update for those that remember me):

    sorry for your loss Mom2jel. Smart connected Tech is slowly getting there!

    Yeah, I was “pphhting” all the smart things that I was seeing, until I saw I could upgrade my Kwikset locks with just the chips (found on ebay for only $35!). I have so many ‘old school’ smart items set up in the house already so there’s not much else to upgrade.
    Upgraded our laundry room (entrance from garage into house) with a motion sensor light switch that will turn off after 2 minutes of no action; kitchen sink light switch changed to a timer switch by Honeywell to turn on at sunset and off by 11pm, and found several timers a few years ago for lamps that are similar (on at sunset and then off at 11pm). One thing that’s nice with the ‘old school’ items is they don’t go offline, LOL!


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