Free PS4 Digital Game: Knack 2 thru 5/5/20

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    As part of the European play at home initiative, PlayStation is giving away Journey (same as the US) and Knack 2 (not available free on the US PSN store) on the German PSN store. Because PS4 games are region free, you can sign up for a free German PSN account, claim Knack 2, download it to your PS4, and play as normal.

    This works on ALL PS4 systems worldwide.

    Create a German PSN account.
    Log in to your PS4 with the German account and set your system as PRIMARY.
    Claim Knack 2 from the German PSN store…ACK20000000000
    Download Knack 2 to your PS4.
    Log into your regular US account and play as normal


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