FREE Unlimited Premium Coffee All Summer at Panera Bread w/Free Unlimited Coffee Sub

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    You can get Free unlimited coffee (including Ice Coffee) through September 7 at Panera with a new MyPanera+ Coffee Subscription. You must subscribe by July 4.
    Note: If you do this make sure you cancel by September 7 when it will auto-renew for $8.99 a month. It allows you to get any size coffee every 2 hours.

  • Good deal, but my experience supports what I read elsewhere: that some franchise operators are not maintaining the strength of the iced coffee. I ordered iced coffee at 3 different Northern NJ locations – all ordered the same way – with light ice (and all were served that way).

    At one location, the coffee was so weak that adding just a little half-n-half) turned more it ivory color, rather than medium brown color. I ordered iced coffee there on three separate days (closest location to my home), and all three were weak. On the third day pointed out that the iced coffee was weaker than other Panera locations, and asked them if they were brewing it double-strength or simply using their left over hot coffee. They told me that they don’t use the left over coffee, but then gave me some double-speak about it being a medium roast blend that they use (implying that other locations might use something darker). That’s not how franchises work – they are each supposed to deliver a consistent experience.

    On my next trip, I’m going to video the addition of the dairy and may email it to Panera as a complaint. Free is fine, but I spend $500-750 at Panera each year (albeit most of that on food items), and we all know it’s not an inexpensive place to eat.

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    You also will want to check on how your coffee is being made and/or make it yourself.

    I ordered on my phone. While walking in, I saw someone putting sugar into a coffee with my name on it. Even though I had explicitly ordered non-sugar sweetener.

    My wife ordered one with almond milk and received cow’s milk instead.

    Maybe we’re just unlucky but I think they’re probably overwhelmed with orders given the marginal price of free. Easiest way is to prep it yourself but that takes some extra effort and isn’t an option if you want to go through the drive through.


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