GIANT PA/Martins 7 Boxes of GM Cereals better than free a/digitals and Savingstar to 7/5 only

  • Global Moderator

    1. Make sure you have the GM $5/25 and $1/2 offers clipped at Savingstar and your bonus card linked to your savingstar

    2. The in the GIANT PA digital coupons, clip the $1/2 and $2/2 GM cereal digitals

    3. Buy 7 boxes on sales for 99c each (Cheerios, Honey Nut Ch., Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, etc). Shelf price of $3.79 ea counts towards savingstar

    4. Pay $3.92 after digitals

    5. Get back $6 (maybe $5) on Savingstar. the $1/2 offer on Star may void due to the digital use on the store order. YMMV on that, but the $5 is NOT Ymmv.


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