32GB Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet w/ Special Offers (10th Gen/2020, Various Colors) $59.99 + FS Amazon

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    @ctgolfer Looks like you can get 8% back through TCB. Excludes accessories but not the tablet itself.

    Excludes: Non Echo Devices with Alexa, Element Smart TV, Kindle eBooks, Echo Device Accessories, Fire Tablet Accessories, Fire TV Accessories, Kindle e-Reader Accessories

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    Some accounts have a $20 off $50 offer when paying with AMEX POINTS (any amount) MUST ACTIVATE ymmv

    see FP deal on SD site for link, can’t dup it over here unfortunately.

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    I got an Amazon Fire on Prime Day 2018 for $20 after the dust settled. Battery life has gone down. Was thinking I might have to get a new one. IIRC I used an Amex Reward point to get the price lower.

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    As I posted above, I got a Fire on Prime Day 2018.
    Turns out it qualifies for $10 trade in credit.

    Get an Amazon Gift Card + 20% off one new Fire Tablet when you trade in
    Choose devices to trade in to get an Amazon Gift Card equal to their appraised value + get an additional 20% off a new Fire Tablet (limit 1 per customer).

    I just used a bunch of “perks” to pay nothing oop for a $350 item, including signing up for a new Amazon Chase cc ($60 off). Used Amex pts but didn’t have an offer for $ off for using them. Tried to stack 20% off for using Discover Cash Back but it wouldn’t stack probably because I was using Amex pts. Discover Cash Back maximum was less than the Amex Pts I had available to use. The Amex pts were earned purchasing the 2018 Fire.

    So I still have this: 20% off when you use Discover Cashback Bonus, maximum discount of $20. The promotion will end on the earlier of (a) 11:59 PT on 9/30/2020, or (b) the time at which offers worth $300,000 have been redeemed. The promotion will expire concurrently. Amazon.com reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time.

    => If I trade in my current Fire and get 20% off of a new one, does Amazon take 20% off of the current price of $59 or off of the list price?
    $59.99 - $12 (20% off for trade in) = $47.99
    – $9.60 (20% off $47.99 for using Discover Cash Back)
    – $10 Amazon gc for trade in
    = $28.39
    TCB 8% = $3.04 offsets the sales tax

    I need to do a few more beer rebates to earn MC gc…

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    Interesting. I just gave the information for my tablet trade in and the $10 gc has already been applied to my acct, the 20% discount off new tablet is available and I haven’t even printed the label to ship. I need to figure out how to get the stuff off of the tablet first. Have to learn something about memory cards I think.

    Posting I remembered I had an outstanding NBPR rebate. Checked the email and there was a $5 MC gc which I used to add $5 to Amazon. I think I have enough Discover Cash Back to cover the remaining balance.

    Amazon doesn’t allow stacking 2 20% off codes. 😞

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    Now $89.99

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    Back down to $59.99.


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