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    Samsung Galaxy Watch, 42mm, Rose Gold:

    Galaxy Watch makes it simple to balance mind and body
    Improve the quality of your rest with integrated sleep cycle tracking
    Stay hydrated and get reminders to keep moving throughout the day
    Track calories burned and calories consumed
    And when things get stressful, reset with guided meditation and breathing exercises (1)
    A single charge takes you through up to 5 days
    Stay organized with Galaxy Watch's easy rundown of appointments and reminders when you wake up
    With Samsung Pay NFC compatibility, you can make a payment from your wrist with just a tap (3)
    Control all your connected home devices from your wrist even when you're not home
    Pair your Galaxy Watch with your Galaxy smartphone to get credit for every move and stay motivated with music
    This 42mm watch has a grogeous rose gold color casing and a beautiful band to match
    This device and related software are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.
    Battery life for Bluetooth (46mm) model is up to five days. Battery life for LTE (46mm) model and Bluetooth (42mm) model is up to four days. Battery life for LTE (42mm) model is up to three days. Your results may vary.
    Samsung Pay is not available on iOS smartphones . After initial setup, Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch can make at least five transactions with reconnecting to a network. Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch requires network connection through LTE or Wi-FI or via Bluetooth pairing with compatible smartphone. Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch is only compatible with select cards, carries, and Samsung devices and non-Samsung Android phones. Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch is compatible only with NFC-type payment terminals


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