FREE Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet for New CleanChoice Energy Customers (Select Areas Only)

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    Sign up for CleanChoice Energy to reduce your carbon footprint by making sure that all the electricity you use is replenished on the grid with 100% wind and solar from your region! You will be connected to their clean energy and then you simply redirect your bill so that CleanChoice shows as ‘your provider’ and pays your electricity company. What’s great is that there is no change in utility – your current utility will still maintain your lines, deliver your electricity, provide your bill, and so on. That also means no break in your regular electricity service, no equipment is necessary, and no installation is needed to go with CleanChoice. There is no charge for enrolment and you can switch back at anytime with no cancellation fees or interruptions. You can choose from two plans: 99% Wind and 1% Solar at 11.4 ¢/kWh or 100% Solar Energy at 14.3 ¢/kWh. Both plans also have other great features and benefits.

    Enter your zip to see available plans, then choose your preferred plan and hit “Sign Up”.
    Add name, contact information, address and electric bill account number. Agree to the terms and hit “Accept”.
    Start reducing your carbon footprint and receive a free Amazon Fire Tablet within 8 weeks!

    Offer for Fire HD 8 Tablet by mail is only valid if you are enrolling a new account that’s not currently on CleanChoice’s service and after you start CleanChoice Energy service.

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    **MOD NOTE:

    This is iffy at best IMO. a Fire HD 8 Tablet is worth about $50. You are agreeing to commit to a different energy company for your electric that you should carefully research ahead of time. The tablet may not be worth $50 is you have a bunch of headaches with utility companies. Just a word of caution on this deal!**

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    I bought a Fire HD 8 on Prime Day a few years ago for $20 after the dust settled.
    Traded it in because Amazon gave me a $10 g.c. and $10 towards a newer model.
    Paid ~$20 for the 2020 model after that dust settled.
    Using it right now. Good deal for $20. Not sure it’s worth $50 unless they give you the one without ads.


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