Lingo Bus Get 5 free Classes (~$100)

  • For those looking for Lingo bus referral code to sign up for bonus classes:

    Lingo bus link will input the code automatically or input the code (ZXW6AK) during account sign up otherwise will not apply after sign up.

    5/2021: Note in order to get the 5 free class bonus, it requires the minimum package purchase of 10 classes ($200). This is only for a limited time only. After the limited time I understand there may be other sign up and referral bonuses that may change over time.

    Current promotional details:
    25 classes for $450
    50 for $850
    100 for $1640

    Quick review for those considering Lingo bus. Our experience is with the 1 on 1 private lessons (Listening and Speaking). There appear to be group classes which we haven’t tried. After trialing their private class and trying the paid classes, they are different from what we’ve been doing over the years. These virtual classes are also different from our weekend school classes. Lingo bus is 100% immersive which I found out they only use the language signed up for and there is no translation. We were definitely surprised, even though the website had that written, we were unsure what to expect. We were looking for this actually because after years of weekend classes, we needed something more immersive to pick up the speed. The more immersion the better as we don’t speak the language ourselves! The classes are short in duration, but appear more engaging and fun compared to our weekend school. They have a placement class for the demo/trial. That means not everyone starts from scratch. We had taken classes at a school prior to Lingo bus so after placement was higher than the beginner level. Some interesting items that we wanted to note. They have a book library with characters and pinyin! The books also have a read aloud! This is a huge benefit for us because over the years we can’t locate books that would also have pinyin and even if we located them, as none of us speak the language won’t be able to help the child. Here, finally, we’ve discovered a good inventory of books from Lingo bus that we can actually read together, listen to how everything should be pronounced. We recently discovered for those who already speak the language they have a reading and writing course selection. As we are not speaking the language fluently we continue to finish the current listening and speaking program. Currently, after trying Lingo Bus our child prefers learning Mandarin via Lingo Bus over the weekend Chinese schools. It is shorter, more fun and not having to devote the hours in a day over every weekend and there was no need to complete required homework assignments. As a parent that is important as I would like the child to have continued interest to learn the language and have fun doing so and not having to pressure them to do homeworks which becomes a hassle on top of regular day to day school which already have homeworks to complete. We are looking forward to completing the speaking and listening course as for us that is priority to understand and be able to conversate in the language. For those looking for reading and writing there is an option for that as well for those already who can speak the language. For us, perhaps one day the child can communicate in the language and then can move on to the reading and writing course. Hope that helps for those who are considering Lingo bus.


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