Imperfect Foods $66 worth of food for $40 with Amex YMMV x2

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    Imperfect Foods has free shipping right now for orders over $60. If you have an offer on your Amex for $10 back on $50 (up to 3 times) you can combine that with the 25% off your first two orders code “PERKSPOT2252021H1” to get about $16 off your order with the coupon and another $10 back from AmEx for the first two orders.

    There is also a TAF offer of $20 off your first order, although it’s not clear how that works and whether it will combine with the code.

    There does seem to be a way to put in a code after sign up, but it’s unlikely that it will take the PERKS code after your first order. If it did, I would use the $20 TAF on the first order, and the 25% off two orders for the second two orders.

    Pricing seems comparable to the supermarket.

    Please use the referral link in the in the referral forum to sign up.


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