Cheap Parkside brand tools at Lidl (grocery) stores, YMMV

  • Maybe the biggest YMMV is living close to a Lidl store, a German-owned company opening stores in the eastern U.S.
    Bigger stores than Aldi, almost supermarket size, but like Aldi sells non-grocery items at discount prices in the center section (note: with constantly changing stock). My first time in one, and I’ll be back for groceries and more.

    Any how, among those center aisle items were an assortment of “Parkside” brand tools, including items such a $40 electric pressure washer and a $20 belt sander.
    I searched and found some youtube reviews of the belt sander, a model PBSD600A1, that were pretty favorable.
    Can’t find a Lidl product link to it, but did find a link to on the U.K. Amazon site:
    Anyway, $20 for a new belt sander is pretty amazing. Not sure about Lidl’s return policy though, in case it’s total crap, e.g. can’t track well, etc.

    Finally, I’d post this on the big, mean dealsite, but way too many Milwaukee and Dewalt fanboys over there.
    Totally “serious professionals” that insist only on certain colors of Chinese made tools with the correct logos on them.

  • Burning question: Will Lidl take on Aldi in 60137 someday soon?


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