REMINDER: Please help mark your posts as expired so they can be moved

  • Global Moderator


    As we are entering the busy holiday deal season and there will be lots of posts, we are asking ALL members to help keep deals posted current. If you post a deal or deals, please go through your recent posts and add DEAD or EXPIRED to the title via edit if the deal is dead so it can be easily seen by a mod and moved.

    Tagging some members who post frequently:

    @ctgolfer @frugalpete @AngryEyebrows @VegasVegan @my4mainecoons @Marvomatic @briarycliffs @KohlsPowrShopper

    We need everyones help, also please remember to PUT EXPIRATION DATES of posts in the title. It is very time consuming to go into every thread and click on links to find out if a deal has died or not when there’s no info to guide as to expiration. We need the help of all posters to service YOUR OWN threads by keeping them current or expired as the case may be. thank you!


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