KFC FCK up continues as gravy supplies dry up

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    No gravy?! That takes the biscuit.

  • What the heck? No gravy.

    I don’t eat at KFC much anymore. Years ago I was emotionally scarred at a KFC. I used the restroom that I had to enter from outside the building. The restroom had no windows and urine on the floor, but I figured I could survive a minute in there. I went to open the door to get out and I couldn’t. I tried and tried. I banged on the walls hoping an employee could hear me, but that didn’t work. Fortunately I had my cellphone. I called the restaurant to help get me out but the line was busy for the longest. Probably an employee chatting on the phone with their boy/girlfriend. I almost was ready to call 911, but thoughts ran through my mind that a fire truck would arrive with a television news crew following behind. I would be on the news and forever known in Los Angeles as the person who got locked in the KFC restroom.

    I finally got through to the restaurant before deciding to kick-out the door. An employee comes around with a knife and pried open the door. He tells me “I thought the locksmith fixed this.” No apology, but he rescued me just in time. The smell was getting to me.

    The next day at work I tell a co-worker about my horrible ordeal, expecting sympathy to help me through it. Nope. No sympathy, but was told anyone who eats at KFC deserves to be locked in the restroom.

    Several weeks later I drove by the KFC and something didn’t look right. I stopped and there was a sign on the door saying this location is permanently closed. I guess if they can’t lock their customers inside they can’t stay in business.


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