BzzAgent Acquired by PowerReviews

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    BzzAgent is now part of PowerReviews

    PowerReviews, an awesome product sampling and reviews company, just got a whole lot more awesome — they bought us!

    What does it mean for you? In short, even more awesomeness. You can now participate in review and sampling campaigns for 1,000+ brands and retailers who work with PowerReviews like iRobot, Hershey’s, Tempur-Pedic, Bissell and!

    Who’s PowerReviews?
    Don’t know the name? Don’t worry. The PowerReviews team has 10+ years of experience supporting a cool community of consumers like BzzAgents, so you can continue to count on great campaigns and great products.

    How’d you two meet?
    At the office! Previously, when you submitted product reviews to BzzAgent, we often shared them with PowerReviews, who posted them on brand and shopping websites for other consumers to read. We were already a power couple — we’ve just made our relationship more official. Read the announcement.

    Thanks so much for being a part of the BzzAgent journey with us. Keep an eye on our social channels for further updates. Welcome to the PowerReviews family!

    Warm regards,

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    Fore some reason, it only just now clicked in my brain that PowerReviews are the same folks who run the ViewPoints Sampling GPT program. Duh!

    On another note, I was in the middle of posting a review for a campaign when the site went down. That was 3 weeks ago and I haven’t been able to log in since. They posted a statement on their social media pages like “the BzzAgent .com login is currently down as our worker bees put the finishing touches on a NEW BzzAgent experience. We’ll have you back bzzin’ real soon in a whole NEW way.” They claim that the site was only taken down once all campaigns were closed, but mine was still open. Otherwise, there hasn’t been much news since. They were never down this long (ever?) under the previous owners, It would have made more sense for them to do a massive site overhaul when they first acquired BzzAgent.

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    So, the BzzAgent site finally went live again yesterday. I received the following email:

    Subject: Welcome to the NEW BzzAgent!

    "The new BzzAgent is Here!

    With exciting new BzzCampaigns from brands like L’Oreal, Gillette, Hershey’s and Samsonite you’ll want to get re-registered and get in on the fun. It’s fast, simple and in just 3 steps you can be on your way to receiving new BzzKits, special offers and more!

    1. Register: Register for the NEW BzzAgent by connecting your facebook account

    2. Confirm: Confirm your NEW profile and update your BzzAgent info

    3. Connect & Explore: Follow us on social to stay up-to-date and in-the-know

    Don’t delay, create your new account
    and start Bzzin’ today!"


    When you go to the site, the following is posted:

    Try Bzz-worthy products from amazing brands as part of the BzzAgent community, sharing opinions and experiences on the products and services you love. Membership is free. Join now and we’ll reach out via email as new campaigns come up!

    We’ll ask you to connect your social media accounts so we can assess your social influence! To start, connect your Facebook. You will have the opportunity to connect other social accounts and pages later. We will never post on your behalf without your permission.


    I for one am not impressed that they couldn’t figure out how to transition without taking the site down for a month and a half, couldn’t figure out how to transfer my account and preserve my account history (so what, all of my achievements are gone?), and now seem to require a social media account to join. I could be wrong about the social media requirement but I won’t be finding out because I will NOT be creating a new account unless they prove themselves worthy and much better than what BzzAgent had devolved into in its later years.

    Good luck to those of you who rejoin. I hope you’ll share your experiences here, positive or negative.

  • @fivetalents said in BzzAgent Acquired by PowerReviews:

    I will NOT be creating a new account unless they prove themselves worthy and much better than what BzzAgent had devolved into in its later years.

    Right beside you, couldn’t agree more.

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    @mikk1 said in BzzAgent Acquired by PowerReviews:

    @fivetalents said in BzzAgent Acquired by PowerReviews:

    I will NOT be creating a new account unless they prove themselves worthy and much better than what BzzAgent had devolved into in its later years.

    Right beside you, couldn’t agree more.

    Hey!.. Good to see you.

    Well someone around here better join to spill the dirt on how the new owners are doing and if it is worth reconsidering, LOL.

    PowerReviews’ other company Viewpoints Sampling offers many more ‘campaigns’ (seems like at least 10 a week) and they don’t make you work hard to build up a score so you get priority on the invite list only to pester/threaten you and lower your score quickly and often if you don’t spend half your life on their site.

    If you aren’t familiar with Viewpoints, a few of their deals have been posted here in GPT, so you can click through one of those threads to find out how to sign up. They send you an email notification for each offer that you have to fill out a quick qualification survey for. You only reply to the offers that interest you. Often there are a number of items from the manufacturer that they need tested, so you get to choose only the items that you’re interested in testing and reviewing. If selected, you are sent a confirmation email.

    Once you review the product, Viewpoints pretty much expects your review right away/promptly but, unlike Bzz, you only have to submit one review, are not pressured to up load a bunch of pics or do other campaign activities, and there is currently no social media requirement. sometimes you submit review directly to them, sometimes you need to submit it to a retailer’s site (e.g., Target), so you may need to create an account if you don’t already have one. Viewpoints also has a much wider range of product categories, manufacturers, and price points: you might get an invite for a $5 OTC medicine or a $300 piece of lawn/garden equipment on the same day. Once the review is done, the product is yours to keep, give away, or discard.

    I don’t get accepted to most of the Viewpoints offers I sign up for, but I do get into a decent number of them, and they’re mostly high quality name brand stuff (I’ve seen a few generic store brand equivalents lately like Walmart or Dollar General, but these aren’t exactly fly by night cheap knockoffs either).


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