Craftsman 6" Bench Vise + $75.75 in SYW Points $75 + FS @ Sears

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    Instant Action screw lets you open and close the vise quickly
    Base swivels 180° to get a good angle in tight spaces
    V-grooves provide extra gripping strength
    Features a maximum opening of 6.75"
    Reversible jaw faces are serrated on one side, smooth on the other
    Angular lock nuts and long lock nut handle for easy use


  • It has some questionable reviews. Everything else seem good about the deal.

    on a related note.
    these work great in a vise to prevent marring surfaces

  • @backsplatter I recommend you take a look at this 6" vise in person before ordering. I did a few months back, and was pretty disappointed. As in offset jaws, uneven closing, rough castings. Even though (in theory) it’s free, it would likely be a continual source of frustration.

    Btw Sears does sell Yost vises, which are great in comparison. Even though much smaller, you’d likely get more satisfaction from the Yost BV-4 bench vise.

    Too bad they just raised the price on that to $60–it was $47 just a few days ago. But if you added another $15.01 or more of tools to your order, you could get that “free” too, lol.

    And yes, those Bessey vise jaws are the bomb for clamping soft items or tubes etc!

  • @ctgolfer Imo a much wiser choice, if you’re doing the SYWR points thing, is buying the Yost 905-AS 5" all-steel vise, currently priced at $84.99 (less than Amazon), applying whatever SYWR points and/or coupons to get it down to just over $75. I’ve got a similar Yost all-steel vise and it’s great.

    Hmm, I guess this counts as ad-vise…?

  • @ukedog

    I was looking at this one for a smaller workbench I have.

  • Stinking points that expire instead of a discount … SYW designed to coerce you into shopping for more crap. I’ll go to Harbor Freight when I actually need something and avoid this nonsense. Isn’t Sears selling the same China stuff now?

  • @myisland I recommend you go to SD That’s where most of the Sears whiners hang out.

  • @ukedog You just whined like wiener dog.


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