Red Pocket 360 Day Prepaid Wireless Phone Plan (Essentials)-No Contract, SIM Kit $99 @ eBay

  • Enjoy Every 30 Days: 500 Mins Talk 500 Text 500 MB Data @ 4G LTE Speed

  • This doesn’t compute: 99 ÷ 12 = 8.25 but the picture show $7.5/month.
    Link to seller does show correct amount.
    Please update links. Thanks.
    BTW, it’s per 30 days not per month.
    We have two lines ($5/30 days) from Red Pocket, one GSMA and one GSMT. No problem so far.
    Just a precaution and please correct me if I’m wrong: if you use up all your min, text or data, you will be cut off from that function until next 30 days.


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