Microsoft Rewards - 3 Month Xbox Game Pass - FREE - YMMV

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    Log in to MS Rewards redeem section and an offer to get a free 3 months of Xbox Game Pass should be one of the choices


    Turns out this is part of MS Rewards “Scavenger Hunt” as described on MS Rewards reddit page:

    "Log in for 20 days
    Scavenger hunt Click and find the diamond in the rough to start your trek
    Increase your Gamerscore by 250 points.
    If you complete all 3 worlds (wild kingdom | Moon Gate | Badlands), you get 4000 total points, 3 months of Game Pass and a sweepstakes entry to win:
    $250 Xbox Gift Card
    Xbox One X
    12-Months Xbox Live Gold
    2 Xbox Elite Controllers
    Xbox One Special Edition Headset
    12-Months Xbox Game Pass
    Seagate Game Drive for Xbox
    Xbox Chatpad
    Linksys WRT32X Dual-Band Gaming Router Designed for Xbox
    Official Xbox gear
    Samsung 4K TV


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