Lowe's: Energizer LED Swivel Light Bar $3.05 (Save 83%) YMMV

  • These powerful, energy-efficient LEDs will instantly brighten your space while the sturdy, versatile design offers a number of setup possibilities for the most convenient lighting.
    Utilize the swivel light bar in utility rooms, garages, pantries, attics, under cabinets and more.
    The bright white LEDs are located on separate moveable panels, with the ability to rotate 180 degrees for the best possible light output.
    Choose between 4 different placement options depending on your setup. For easy mounting, utilize the built-in magnets or keyhole slots on the back side of the light bar.
    Additionally, the swivel light bar includes a foldable hook and kickstand for hanging and tabletop locations.






  • Thanks so much OP. These look like just what I need; ordered a bunch for local pickup. Tired of trying to carry a flashlight while crawling around in our dark attic or walking into our unlit detached garage or garden sheds wondering what new little “friend” has moved in and might fly, scurry or slither by in the near-dark. 😨

  • Thanks OP
    Just picked up 3 that I ordered. Not going to blind anybody , but a nice bright portable light for work or to light up a room. A bargain if $3.00 at a local store.

  • Picked up my order, nice light that will work where I need it but dear Lord they need to fire whoever packaged this thing. Impossible to force the 6 AA batteries into the battery compartment so in frustration I checked the reviews and sure enough, saw that I wasn’t the only one. Turned out two screws in a small plastic bag are included, and some Einstein decided a good place to put them would be in an inaccessible, unseen area at the very bottom of the long battery compartment where they were stuck. (Same thing happened with the second one I opened…they were stuck at the bottom even before I tried to put in the batteries.) Had to use a tiny Phillips head screwdriver to remove 5 screws on the back of the flashlight. Still couldn’t completely remove the back, but loosened it enough that with the help of a pair of eyebrow tweezers, a toothpick and some choice words was finally able to reach the bag and pull it out. A mere 20 minutes later, batteries installed!


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