Use A TracFone On PagePlus?

  • I have a PagePlus Pay-As-You-Go account that has worked great as a backup phone for only $80 a year. The phone a original Motorola Droid is getting pretty slow and beat up. I would like to keep the same account, I have over $200 credit built up on the account, but change the phone to a newer faster phone. I have a TracFone LGL16C that I never activated with TracFone. I think the LGL16C works with the Verizon network just like PagePlus does. Can I transfer the LGL16C to the PagePlus account? Will I need to jailbreak or Root the phone?

  • @redmed You’re better off checking HF but AFAIK, Tracfone locks all of their devices.

  • The L16C Lucky is Verizon 3G so it does not utilize a SIM card. You would have to SIM swap an active Page Plus SIM card of the correct size into a Tracfone. You can NOT directly activate nor transfer page plus service to a Tracfone.

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