Looking for recommendation for LMS (Learning Management System)

  • Any and all recommendations welcome!

    Looking for a Learning Management System online that would be used for 200-250 clients to take one class every two years. Maybe I’ll eventually create more courses but it’s not currently in the works. I don’t expect many clients in between this influx of 200 (maybe 5-10 people each quarter) so I would really like an inexpensive system so I’m not paying a whole lot when I’m not actively using it.

    Features I need:

    • white label, or ability to add my own customization to client’s interface
    • create the course in the LMS (or import ppt)
    • supports video, images, etc on all devices
    • be able to create and include quizzes
    • send custom certificates upon completion of course
    • maintain record of which users have completed the course
    • restrict access to only pre-approved clients/emails
    • allow clients to access 24/7
    • would be nice to have live desktop/webinar-type training available (like go to meeting) but not a requirement
    • preferably online but open to ideas for a local software - whatever is going to work best for my needs


  • My employer uses Relias for what you’re looking for. We’ve used it for a number of years and haven’t really had any complaints about it. I’m not an administrator so I have no behind-the-interface knowledge of it, but from what I see as a user, it hits all of your bullet points (although I’m not sure about #9). We’re a non-profit, so I’d wager that it’s not too expensive.

  • @flatbob Thanks so much for your suggestion. I’ll look into it!


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