Dybsy - Kindle Edition - FREE

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    What if you found a world where video games were real?

    Jake Wingfoot is Dybsy, the legendary gamer and esports champion. He has earned the fear and respect of clans and guilds throughout the globe, but nothing has prepared him for the Singe–the real world, where losing a game has terrible consequences.

    The Singe is under attack by an enemy known only as Nemesis, defended by the elite soldiers of Vector Academy. But Nemesis is winning, and the Academy needs a new plan and a new weapon. Enter Dybsy…

    When the Academy reveals the Singe and recruits Dybsy into the war, he must train in neuro-combat and learn to fight within his team of gamer misfits. If he can’t, the enemy will conquer the Singe and humanity will fall–and worse, Dybsy might never game again.


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