Has anyone tried igoBUUM?

  • I was invited to try igoBUUM. There is not much on the web about it. I watched a video on how to register and it didn’t ask for a credit card nor did it ask me to spam my friends. Just wondering if any of you guys have seen this? https://igobuum.com/

    Also before I give them my credentials (if I do), I would like to know who owns this company and how they make their money…?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I found this

    Sharing here in case anyone else gets targeted. Boo MLM! Boo!

  • I not only have heard of ibuumerang … But I became a customer. The igobuum site asks for your phone number name and email so that they can set you up a booking platform.
    No credit card is required. This is all FREE.
    You will then be emailed a log in password ( which you can later reset)
    I have Booked accomodation 3 times and car hire on this site and saved money every time.
    I have looked into other places around the world and destinations I dream to get to and there are some genuine savings and bargains on there.
    The site is simple and easy to use.
    I latee decided to join the company because my belief in this product was strong and I am happy to explain it to anyone or answer questions you may have.
    It is an exciting opportunity … and a means to save when you book travel.
    Hope this helped.


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