Freedompop - Some free plan users are getting upgraded to $3.99/mo., then must downgrade.

  • I just received an email from “” that said my free (Sprint-based) account had been upgraded to a $3.99/month plan. If I wanted to stay on the free plan I would have to click on a link in the email. Nevermind that the email was flagged as junk by my email service, but clicking on a link from an unknown sender?

    Researching the web, I found this discussion on BestMVNO and a related thread on SlickDeals.

    I logged into my Freedompop account, saw that I had been “upgraded”, and then typed in the URL That gave me the button to return to my previous free plan. I have another free plan that hasn’t been “upgraded” yet, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

    ETA: If you have a free plan, make sure you have at least a $5 credit on your account before doing the downgrade. Some BestMVNO posters mentioned being charged $20 to do the downgrade - that might be because they had a $0 balance.

  • The minute you look at anything they hit you with the 20. I didn’t get a chance to add funds , every change will cost

  • Tello is a better option

  • I just read on SD that Ting bought all the freedompop Sprint user accounts and that there will not be any free accounts anymore.


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