Try Amazon Photos, get $15 Amazon credit, exp 6/30

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    If this is a repost (I did search under “Amazon Photo” and found nothing) or if it belongs somewhere else, please say so.
    OK, just got an email from Amazon that says: "Keep your photos safe! Get a $15 Amazon credit when you start backing up with Amazon Photos.
    Start using your free unlimited photo storage benefit included with Prime. Amazon Photos can auto-save photos on your phone so you never lose a single, precious moment. Offer valid through June 30. "
    I’m tempted as we lost a bunch of photos that were on 2 computers when our home burned in January of 2014. I had backed up some but not all of the ones I had wanted to keep, being lazy and kept saying “I’ll finish it later”.
    I have some questions for those who already use this feature. First, we do have Amazon Prime, which we use for watching TV as well as the free shipping.
    Question: If I use this feature, can I choose which photos to store, or will it go into my computer and grab every photo on it and auto-back them up? That happened with one storage service I used (Dropbox) for a while, and it would grab every photo, even the ones I intended to be only temporary or that I hadn’t yet had time to sort through and delete the not-so-good ones since I often take several of the same scene and then keep only the best ones. Probably my fault for not understanding how to set up or change the permissions on that storage service properly, but it was a PITA, plus it just tossed all photos together, and I couldn’t figure out how to go in later and create folders and categories for them, especially when there were so many.
    Second: How trustworthy is this? I don’t take photos I wouldn’t share, but I sure don’t want Amazon (or any other advertising company) using them without permission first. How protected is the service?
    Third: Can you set up folders and folders within folders within folders, move photos around from one folder to another, delete and add photos to a folder without jumping through flaming hoops? Are the instructions for using the service simple and easy to follow?

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