Steep (Xbox One, PS4, or PC): Japan Map Unlocked Forever for Free (Expires September 9th)

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    The Japan ticket will be free from September 5 to 9 for the last time. Head to the in-game store for your final chance to find the free Japan ticket. Once you have it, Japan will be unlocked for you forever.
    One of our Yetis also made a Season Special to prepare your next mission and test your skills. You’ll find “Yeti Specials by Mstifye” in the Live Page. Set in the Hiderigami Cliff Spots in Japan, this Season Special is "definitely on the extreme side and not for the faint of heart, as you are plummeting down a huge cliff!"
    The Japan map packs a host of exclusive content including four regions (Daisetsuzan, Hakuba, Zao, and Sapporo), 26 challenges, 10 feats, four mountain stories, four Snowparks, and 86 points of interest.
    How To Get It
    You have to play the base game until it unlocks the mountain for you. Then you can press Options and go to Store and get the map for free from there.


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