EXPIRED-Free Pc Game A Day for 12 Days starts today @ Epic Games (Must claim each w/in 24hrs 8am pst - 8am pst)

  • Login w/ free account to claim…All games require Epic Games Launcher Client.

    12 Days of Free Games
    Beginning on December 19th, we’ll have daily free games available for you to redeem, play and own forever.
    Be sure to come back every day to claim a new free game - unlike our usual free game offers, these freebies will only be available for 24 hours. But don’t worry! If you’re busy and on the go, you can claim any free game from your phone or mobile device. Open up the Epic Games Store on your mobile browser and log in to pick up the free game of the day.

    1. Into the Breach (Get it by 8am pst 12/20) EXPIRED See Game 2 below

    Steam link for info only:

  • EXPIRED Game 2: TowerFall Ascension (Get it by 8am pst 12/21) Reg. $20. SEE GAME 3 BELOW

  • EXPIRED Game 3: SuperHot (Claim by 8am pst 12/22) Reg. $25. See Game 4 below.

  • EXPIREDGame 4: Little Inferno (Claim by 8am pst 12/23). Reg. $15. See Game 5 below.

  • EXPIRED-Game 5: Ape Out (Claim by 8am pst 12/24). Reg. $15 See Day 6 game below.

  • EXPIRED-Game 6: Celeste (Claim by 8am pst 12/25) Reg. $20(See Game 7 Below).
    May already show up as “owned” as was previously given away by Epic

  • EXPIRED-Game 7: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Claim by 8am pst 12/26) Reg. $15 See game 8 below.

  • EXPIRED-Game 8: Faster Than Light- Advanced (Claim by 8am pst 12/27) Reg. $10 See Game 9 below.

  • EXPIRED-Game 9: Hyper-Light Drifter (Claim by 8am pst 12/28) Reg. $20 SEE GAME 10 BELOW
    May show up as “owned” as was previously given by Epic

  • EXPIRED-Game 10: Shadow Tactics (Claim by 8am pst 12/29) Reg. $40 See Game 11 below.

  • EXPIRED-Game 11: The Talos Principle (Claim by 8am pst 12/30) Reg. $40See game 12 below.

  • **EXPIRED-Game 12: Hello Neighbor (Claim by 8am pst 12/31) Reg. $30.**See Game 13 below.

  • Game 13: Yooka-Laylee & the Impossible Lair (Claim by 8am pst 1/1) Reg. $30.


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