How to install a Virtual PC in Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)?

  • I want to install Win7 pro 32bit in the Virtual PC. I have a win7 ISO. Can I use the Win7 serial# from another PC on this? This pc replace the other PC I am taking the serical# from. Then I will recycle the old PC without the OS.

    I am using Win10 Pro’s Hyper V for creating Virtual PC. I created a partition to install the Virtual PC and Win7 in.

    In HyperV, I select “Local Installation Source” and change the location to the ISO image file. And I checked the box “This virtual machine will run Windows (enables Windows Secure Boot)” But when I click “Create Virtual Machine”, it flashes by very quickly and tell me it is finished. And it won’t start. It didn’t ask me where I want to install it. And it was to quick to have installed window 7.

    What is the right way to do it?



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