Connecting Win10 and Win7 PCs on a LAN

  • I set up a workgroup in Win10 (PC1) with the same workgoup name as that on Win7 (PC2). Both PCs are displayed under Network on both PCs. However, they won’t connect. When I on PC1 and click on the PC2 icon, it want me to login. I don’t recall that I have to do that when all my pcs are running Win7. So, I put in my Username and the PCs password (PW)’ and it tells me that it is not valid. The same thing happens when I did it on PC2. So I lookup Network Password and I added a Windows Credential on both PC – Same Username and PW on both. PC1 can now open folders on PC2; but the the other way around – Win7 PC can get to the Win10’s folders. I “shared” the Download folder on Win10; and I can’t get to it from PC2 (Win7).

    What am I missing?


  • I did a factory reinstall and the network works fine now.


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