Wearable Technology Deals

  • My SO’s birthday is coming up at the end of the month. She says she wants either an Apple Watch or a Fitbit to help keep track of her being active, etc.

    I haven’t been keeping track of wearable tech, so I’m trying to decide what to get.

    She is mostly into fitness. While I think she would love to see texts, calendar, etc., on her watch, like on some Fitbits, I don’t know that she’d need a full Apple Watch (or comparable) to text back. I know she won’t use it for calling or anything more sophisticated than that.

    I believe she’d like to (maybe) reply to a text here and there but as she’s a teacher, she doesn’t really have a lot of time to reply to texts now.

    Any suggestions? Her birthday is the end of the month, so potentially, I can wait for a BF deal.


  • IMO, the Fitbit is a passing fad, the Apple Watch might get more use with the additional capabilities.
    I tried the Fitbit and it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know, and a gave it away

  • I find myself relying on an app on my android phone to nag me to get up/out & keep moving towards my daily goal.
    A big plus is that you can adjust settings to achieve whatever goal you set. (downside = nothing counts when the phone is on the charging pad). 😢

  • Thanks!!


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