Free Pc Game "Armillo" @ Steam

  • Login w/ free account. Requires Steam client.

    I don’t usually list “Free-to-Play” games but in this case the developer said on Reddit that Steam mislabeled the game as F2P when it is supposed to be keep forever when claimed within the free window.
    Dev’s message on Steam: Armillo for the PC is finally released here on Steam. And for a limited time, the full game is completely FREE! No iAP, DLC, nor any ads. It’s been a rough 2020, and thought this is a good way to help. Please enjoy the game!

    Quick update: We just found out that the game is set to free to play and not free to own, so we’ve contacted Steam to help fix this. Sorry about this inconvenience as we really intended for people to own the game for free.


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