Free Pc Games "Enter the Gungeon" (Reg. $15) & "God's Trigger" (Reg. $15) @ Epic Games- Claim by 8/27

  • Login w/ free account. Requires Epic Games Launcher client. Enter the Gungeon previously given in 6/19

  • Thursday 8am pt

  • I snagged Enter the Gungeon the last time it was free on Epic, and it was an unexpectedly addictive delight. After many hours of mastering the roguelike masterpiece I uninstalled it out of self-preservation (I was staying up way too late playing it, lol). Then after cooling it a few months I reinstalled it to finish off every last bit of content (I HAD to get proficient at smoking the Resourceful Rat, he was simply too infuriating to let live). Worth every minute of my time.


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