2 FAR Perfect Peanut Butter Cups w/ iBotta YMMV; exp. 8/17 @ 3 P.M.

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    Valid at WM and my supermarket so might be able to find them. They’ll be with the Perfect bars. That’s the produce section of my supermarket and near the yogurt at WM IIRC.
    THERE ARE 2 OFFERS: One is valid only at WM. The other is for everywhere else.

    I have a $0.10 wyb any peanut butter cups for supermarket. I have $0.10 wyb any protein bar at WM but IDK if pb cups count as a protein bar.
    Scan your receipt and get back $1.99 from iBotta.
    I just need 3 more to earn a $10 bonus; this will bring it down to 2, 1 if I can find it in both places. ☺

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    While you’re picking up your PB cups at WM pick up a pack of men’s Bic razors.
    $5.97 - $3/1 ip or insert q today (8/16). Submit for $3 iBotta. 3¢ MM before sales tax.


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