CheckOut51 (CO51) 8/27-9/2

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    Only on the app:
    Scroll down to the very bottom

    1. Watch a video about SNAP pickles for 3¢
    2. Watch a video about Chobani Coffee Creamer for 3¢
    3. Take a survey which means scrolling through a recipe to earn 3¢ from Nabisco crackers

    There’s still an offer for $1.25 when you buy 2 Mead 5 Star Products; my limit is 2, YMMV
    There’s a new offer on SavingStar (S*) for $1 when you buy 2 Mead 5 Star Products
    There might still be an offer for Mead 5 Star products on iBotta but I maxed out a few weeks ago so I can’t see one if one still exists.
    Must have different email addresses for CO51 and S*.
    Buy 2@ 97¢ Mead 5 Star folders at WalMart.

    At Shaws we have J4u starting tomorrow: Nabisco crackers $2.99 ea - $1.51 J4u so $1.48/box
    Buy 2 Nabisco crackers that are NOT TRISCUIT. Use 75¢/2 mq (SS 8/9/20)
    $2.96/2 after J4u - 75¢/2 doubled = $1.46/2
    get back 75¢ from S* and $1/2 from CO51 for Nabisco crackers excl. Triscuit (L5) for small MM
    Buy 2 Triscuit crackers; same math
    $1.46/2 get back $1/2 Triscuit from CO51, L5

  • If anyone is halfway close to a checkout51 cash out (its hard to build up a balance there compared to ibotta) I did 3 $1 offers on Magnum ice cream at Albertson’s/Safeway for $2.77 each -$0.50 off of one with Just4u coupon load to card.

    The 3 Magnum offers reloaded to my app today.

    I might do 3 more at Ralph’s/Kroger stores, its part of the buy 5 save $5 mix and match, and is $2.49 each.

    So if you’re $6 away, might be a deal. I’m not sure if I’m going to tempt fate and see if it reloads again, but then again it is hard to cash out of checkout51…

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    @ctujackbauer I have enough to cash out of CO51 but I like Magnum 🙂
    Our sale price is Buy 2 Get 2 free, Magnum’s reg. price is $5.99. Its only for the tubs. It also includes Talenti RR $4.99 and B&J RR $4.99
    I have the following J4u on one acct:
    50¢ off wyb any one Magnum product
    $2.50 off wyb any 2 Magnum tubs
    $1.50 off wyb 1 Magnum tub
    $1.25 off wyb 1 Magnum tub

    I don’t need ice cream but I wonder what J4u would attach.
    Best case scenario would be $11.98 - $2.50 - $1.50 - $1.25, so $6.73 get back $3 from CO51
    That would make them < $1 ea.
    I’ll test it with a cashier who won’t mind if I cancel the whole transaction if total is too high.
    Better yet, I’ll do it at the service desk.


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