Crypto/Paypal question

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    Just got an offer when I signed into my Paypal to buy $25 in crypto and recieve a $25 PP credit. Can’t see a downside, but was curious as to which of the crypto’s I should get?

    The choices are BitCoin, Etherium, BitCoin Cash or Litecoin.

    Might just leave it in there for awhile and see if it does one of those crazy spikes that they all had in April/May.

    Figure it could be the thing that makes me look at crypto harder and maybe dive into it.

    P.S. It’s a targeted offer so I didn’t post it in Hot Deals.

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum are actually great but it depends which one can work best for you. Yes, the price spikes are crazy, especially when you think about cryptocurrency. I suggest that you try reading more about them and see which matches your interests the most. you can also check out sites that focus more about cryptocurrencies and the entire blockchain like learncrypto.

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    Thanks, bought BitCoin last night. Probably should have done it a few days earlier when it was a little lower.
    Since you can’t move it and can only cash out, it’s more of a take advantage of a freebie type thing.

    Paypal instanly sent my $25 credit so that was nice. Now I’ll probably just let the BC stew and see what happens.

    Edit: Guess I should have waited a couple of hours. Seems like it dropped significantly a few hours after I bought.


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