EXPIRED - Amazon Prime Gaming August- 8 Pc Games including Battlefield V- Free to Prime Members ($125 value)-Claim by 9/1

  • Login w/ Prime. Requires Amazon Gaming client. Battlefield V requires free Origin account/ gaming client. Scroll down to Games With Prime.

    Battlefield 5
    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
    A Normal Lost Phone
    Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story
    Planet Alpha
    Secret Files: Tunguska
    Lost Horizon 2


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    Thanks. I just got the newest Kindle Fire, the 10" size, and was hoping to be able to load and play a few decent games on it. My older 8" Kindle Fire just did not have a large enough screen. Unfortunately I learned that you can’t download Steam games to the Kindle, and I’m having problems trying to load Gems of War which I got from IndieGala and loaded on my 17" HP Pavilion laptop a few months ago and couldn’t download to the Kindle from IndieGala a few days ago, so had to go to Amazon Games and download it from there but now the one on the Kindle doesn’t recognize my email and pwd. Ugh. I’ll take a look at the games you listed. I read you could do something to be able to load Steam games on Kindle, but it’s more complicated that I want to try and apparently would void the warranty anyway.

  • @dionaea These are Pc games whereas Kindles are an Android hybrid. You can “sideload” some Google Play games but Prime Gaming, Indiegala, Epic Games, etc won’t work on Kindles…your laptop however should be fine.

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    Bummer that their games are for PC. Are there any decent games for a new Kindle Fire 10 (2021 edition)?

  • @dionaea “Decent games” is a super personal and broad question. As I’m fond of telling my own Dad, no Kindle is REALLY made for gaming, they’re basically meant for web browsing and media streaming and not much else. That said, I have quite a few solid games on my old HD 8. You can install emulators that allow you to play classic console games (think classic Nintendo up to n64 level graphics), or you can search YouTube for plenty of step-by-step how-to videos on getting access to the Google Play Store on your new Kindle (I’ve done this to my HD 8 as well), which has a MUCH broader range of games available, and if you already have purchased some through Google you can install them that way without purchasing them again. If you need any more help than that, shoot me some messages and I’ll see if I can help 😉

  • @dionaea I don’t know your gaming preferences, but there’s Alien: Blackout, Monument Valley I & II, Badland, Real Racing 3, Drawful 2, Crossy Road, & Zen Pinball (I have about 20 tables…only the 1st one is free). Zen Pinball plays & looks beautiful on a 10" Fire HD.

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    Thanks, Midori. I’ll check those out. My preferences are for roleplay, exploring, questing, MMORPG type games. A FRIENDLY social aspect is important if I’m going to play it longterm. The “all war all the time” and vicious PvP games are unappealing.

  • @dionaea Given your preferences you might want to look at Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the Amazon App store. You can also find your types of games by going to the App Store, click on “Games” then “Subcategories” then choose the genre you like.



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