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    Untangle the mystery surrounding Alisha’s disappearance. Alisha was a top student with lots of rumors and stories, and a school bullying victim. One day, you were dragged into an otherworldly school where you were trapped with her vengeful spirit. The only hope of survival is to reveal the chilling truth behind her murder.

    Untangle is a first-person, single-player, school-violent-themed survival horror game. Though it’s not a game based on a true story, it is built on an intention to raise awareness of school violence at the same time when you’re playing a game.

    Alisha was reported missing in your former school. She was a top student and a school bullying victim. One day, you were dragged into the alternative version of your school. Here, you discovered Alisha was dead and her vengeful spirit avenged herself with a large massacre of the school bullies. To make sure you are not going to be collateral damage, figure out what happened to Alisha and help her out!

    I’m sorry
    But Alisha can’t come to the phone right now.
    Oh, 'cause she’s dead (oh)


  • Steam wants $5


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