EXPIRED -Amazon Prime Gaming November - 9 Free Pc Games for Prime Members ($160 value)- thru 11/30

  • Login w/ Prime. Requires Prime Gaming client. Scroll down to “Games w/ Prime.”

    Features: Control Ultimate Edition, Dragon Age Inquisition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rogue Heroes, Liberated, Puzzle Agent 2, Demon Hunter 2, Brakes Are For Losers, & Secret Files: Sam Petersen.

    Claim Rise of the Tomb Raider by 11/14. To claim all games you’ll need a free Epic, Origin, & GOG account.


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    I’ve got an Amazon Prime account, Looking at the games available free until Nov 1, I saw Tiny Robots Reclaimed, but it says “AVAILABLE ON AMAZON GAMES APP (WINDOWS PC ONLY)”. Does that mean I can claim and play it on my Windows laptop but would not be able to add it to my Kindle Fire tablet? Looks like I had to download and install an Amazon Games App on my laptop. I haven’t gotten games from Amazon in ages, except for recently getting Gems of War, which works on my laptop and on my 2018 8" Kindle Fire tablet but won’t install on my 2021 newest edition 10" Kindle Fire tablet.

  • @dionaea These are strictly Pc games that, like most platforms today, require a client to play their games. This service has occasionally given away a couple mobile games but in the 3 or so years I’ve been getting these games I haven’t seen any Fire games.

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    Claimed the Rise of the Tomb Raider game. I already have an Epic Games account, so it was easy. Thanks, OP.

  • @dionaea Control is a great game & GOG games are Drm-free. It’s worth creating a free account.

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