India Gala: Play Simple Games, Win Free Steam Game Keys (100K available)

  • Got room in your Steam library for more PC games?

    Enter our MASSIVE Gameplay Giveaway!

    You can WIN a secret STEAM KEY if you beat the challenge, from indie games gems to sprawling AAA franchises like Dark souls, Far Cry & more!

    If you do not beat the challenge, you still win $$$ GALACREDIT $$$* tospend on our Store!

    Gameplay Giveaway will only last a few hours each day. So keep your eye glued to our status updates!


    • To play each round of the gameplay giveaway you will need 10 galasilver
    • You can always convert your GalaCredit into silver if you need more.
    • Adblock / javascript blockers need to be disabled to play
    • Limited User Accounts excluded. Limited User Accounts can win only feudalife gold.


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