8% Ebay bucks through 12/29/21--YMMV--Expired

  • Ebay has 8% bucks now through 11:59PM PT on 12/29/21. It’s targeted, so not everyone will be eligible.
    Click to see if you got 8% bucks.

  • Didn’t ebay kill ebay bucks?

  • @rhino850 said in 8% Ebay bucks through 12/29/21--YMMV:

    Didn’t ebay kill ebay bucks?
    EBay bucks info

    See below in bold.
    Earning eBay Bucks
    How do I earn eBay Bucks?
    On or before March 31st, 2021 all eBay Bucks members will continue to earn 1% in addition to any Bucks Bonus Promotions that eBay may run on all qualifying purchases. When you receive a bonus offer, just activate the offer and start shopping on eBay and you’ll automatically earn eBay Bucks on qualifying purchases. Earn eBay Bucks during a calendar quarter and you will receive an eBay Bucks Certificate for the total amount earned after that quarter ends.

    Why is the base earn being retired?
    After careful and thorough consideration, we decided to retire the 1% earning as we look to continuously optimize our offerings. The good news is that we will continue to offer limited time eBay Bucks Bonus promotions for earning eBay Bucks. In addition, all Bucks earned on or after April 1st , 2021 through the Bonus offers will now be valid for 12 months.


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