EXPIRED-September Prime Members Play Select Games for Free on Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service

  • Login w/ Prime. There are also subscription channels for $$$ but Prime channel is free.

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    Will check this out. The simple games I have for my Kindle are old, really old, and I’m looking for something interesting and fun. I’ve been playing GemsofWar on the laptop (loaded through Steam) and was able to play it on my 2021 10" Kindle through Amazon Games, but their last “you need to load Version 6.1” was a PITA since apparently they presumably submitted an unreleased Version 6.2 to Amazon, which was of course unplayable, and the conflict between Version 6.2 on the Kindle and Version 6.1 on the laptop made both unplayable. Thankfully GoW has great support staff, and one of them helped me get it working again on the laptop. Until they remove the Version 6.2 from Amazon and replace it with Version 6.1, the laptop is the only device I can play it on. At least with this new luna cloud gaming, I should be able to find something enjoyable. Anyone already found a game or three they are enjoying and would recommend? I don’t have a smartphone and don’t plan on finally buying one until late this year, probably October or November, and I hate the thought of trying to play an intensive graphics game on a tiny smartphone screen when I already play games on a 17" laptop and a 10" Kindle.

  • @dionaea If I remember your taste in gaming you’d probably like Flashback as it’s an action/adventure game. You can look up the available games on Steam to get an idea.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check it out. Yes, strategy/action/adventure/roleplay MMORPG games are my gamer taste.

  • June games include FarCry 4 Gold, Bloodrayne 2, Moving Out, Beach Buggy Hot Wheels, & Lumines Remastered. Play until 6/30.

  • July Games: Overcooked 2, Mega Man 11, Castlevania Anniversary Collection, & Skatebird

  • August games: Control, Myst, Steel Assault, & Garfield Kart. Play thru 8/31.

  • September games:
    Everspace, Hot Wheels Unleashed, Yooka Laylee Impossible Lair, Riptide GT, Earthworm Jim, & Monstrum Nox.

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