M1 Finance (Free investing!)

  • [link text]https://www.m1finance.com(link url)

    If you are looking for a way to regularly invest in portfolio of individual stocks and/or ETFs selected by you, with no management fees or commissions, check out M1 Finance. It makes it really simple to invest regularly into a diversified portfolio, and it allocates your new purchase (and dividends) to those investments that are underweighted (as compared to the weights you assign to them).

    By way of example, if I create a portfolio of 10 stocks equally weighted 10% each, and automatically invest $100 a week, it will spread that investment out (buying fractional shares) among the 10 stocks by purchasing $100 worth of each company. The following week it will divide the $100 in such a way as to bring the account into balance so that each investment is brought closer to the 10% original allocation.

    This is a great way to dollar cost average into a three fund portfolio as well. You can rebalance as often as you like, should you wish to do so, simply by touch in the “scales” icon and it will sell what needs to be sold and repurchase what needs to be repurchased to bring the portfolio into balance all in one shot.

    This is not a regular brokerage account – all trades are done once a day; no limit orders, etc.


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