StackSocial Microsoft Office 2021 lifetime, code used but not by me

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    Advice needed. I bought this and expected the code to continue to be good until I decided to use it. I was and am already using a lifetime MS 2016, and bought this because I was thinking about buyig a new computer later. For some reason, this morning I cannot get Word or Excel to come up no matter what I do, and before taking my laptop to the tech guru in town, I thought I might as well upgrade to this 2021. Turns out the code has been used, and not by me. There is no way anyone could have gotten the code from me, and I suspect it may be a hacker just trying random sequential codes. I’ve contacted StackSocial’s support and am waiting to hear from them. In the meantime, I still cannot get Word and Excel to work again despite restarting 3 times. Suggestions?

    Re: Microsoft Office 2021 with lifetime license $49.99 expires 6/25/22.


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