Suaoki 220Wh 20,000mAh Portable Solar Generator w/ 200W Inverter, DC & USB Ports $139.90 A/C + FS @ Amazon

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    VERSATILE & PORTABLE POWER SOURCE: comes with 2100V/110V AC outlets (200W Pure Sine Power Inverter), 2DC outlets (an extra cigarette socket cable), 2*USB ports, 5 LED lights indicator. It can charge USB/5V, DC/12V and AC appliance anywhere
    HIGH CAPACITY: 11.1V, 20,000mAh/ /3.7V 60,000mAh high capacity, powerful enough to charge smartphones 20+ times, tablet, power bank, laptops, TVs, mini-refrigerator, camping CPAP, drone, holiday lights or other household electronics
    PURE SINE WAVE: better than modified sine wave, cleaner current in your hands; it prevents crashes in computers, reduces noises in fans, TV and other devices and it is compatible with more gears
    SAFETY GUARANTEED: we use the Battery Management System (BMS) to improve battery utilization, prevent over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature, prolong battery life; a convenient handle and aluminum alloy shell make it safer and take it along for the ride during your day-to-day needs
    RECHARGING OPTIONS: quickly refuel from home wall outlet or sun with any compatible solar panel (Especially the Suaoki’s 40W, 60W, 50W, 100W Portable Solar Panel); a high-density lithium-ion battery allows a more compact build than the lead-acid power ones.



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