How to "follow" all the social media platforms in one...

  • Hi gang…

    Wondering what people use (if anything) to help them monitor their preferences for social media.

    For example, I remember (Maybe it was Tweetdeck?) that allowed you to integrate a few social media accounts and you could see them update on your screen.

    Today, I’ll be honest, I feel like my dad caught in technology and I’m 1/3 his age and embrace technology.

    Between Reddit, FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc., I just find it hard to keep up with the latest trends and the interests I have (I don’t have huge accounts on either, meaning I’m not following a ton of people or things that I’m genuinely not interested in).

    But, it’s just been hard to check reddit and figure out that mess, check FB, IG, etc. Just wondering if there’s anything that is made that kind of integrates everything in once (desktop application) so you don’t have to continually switch between platforms just to see what’s there?

    I realize I could open multiple monitor windows, etc. But didn’t know what else existed (if anything?)


  • abstinence from social media is the best option

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    @skh12 said in How to “follow” all the social media platforms in one...:

    abstinence from social media is the best option


  • I use as my home page. I used to be able to get facebook & instagram on it but their coding changed. I am able to get Reddit and Twitter, as well as PhatWallet, our local newspaper and anything else I like with an RSS.

  • @mom2jel thanks! I’ll give it a try. I’m trying to keep up with some of my reddit feeds and some of the news sources, etc., so it’s helpful.



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