Lets talk Chromebooks

  • Back in 2013 I bought a Samsung Chromebook for my oldest son heading off to college (I set him up with a small form factor desktop for his dorm room); it worked great for him.
    After seeing his chromebook, I bought the rest of us (4) the same chromebook for each of us. Last year the hinges failed on husband’s, and middle son (now off at college) wanted a bigger screen; now the high schooler’s doesn’t always start up. (Note that mine and oldest DS’s still work fine because we’re not rough with them).
    I’ve sold three, still need to work on DH’s and DS17 to sell.

    Bought DS20 and Asus Chromebook 10/2016, it failed by February. Sent it in to get fixed (graphics), they sent it back with a dead battery, had to send it to them again. When I got it back I sold it and bought him a Lenovo 13 which has lasted him a year and he’s happy with it.
    Bought DS23 the same chromebook (and DH a Lenovo 11.6")

    Tried 3 different refurbished HP Chromebooks from Woot, all immediately had problems so they were returned.
    I bought myself an Asus Chromebox, had to install more memory because it kept crashing if I had more than 4 tabs opened.

    I’m trying to decide what chromebook to get DS17, Lenovo like his brothers or maybe a Dell? I’d like to stick with the made-for-education models since “stuff happens” to high schoolers electronics. (He also has a SFF desktop).

    What’s your chromebook stories?


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