Free Audiobook Series - Anatomy of Innocence: Testimonies of the Wrongfully Convicted

  • The Knock On The Door: The Arrest

    The Trip to Doty Road: The Interrogation

    The Evidence Closes In: The Trial

    Just One: The Verdict

    Descent: Sentencing

    The Fortune Cookie: The Lessons Learned

    A Study in Sisyphus: Serving Time

    The Wrong Man: The Cruelties of Fate

    Luck and the Death Penalty: Community Involvement

    Staying on Track: Surviving Incarceration

    The Bloody Yellow Shirt: Obtaining Help

    The Long Wait: Legal Appeals

    The Last Bad Morning: Exoneration

    Moving Forward: Postrelease

    Little Star: Triumph

  • These must be ordered individually instead of as a set


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