2-Pack Ozark Trail Double-Wall Tumblers (30-Oz) for $10 @ Walmart

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  • Bought these tumblers for the heck of it. Turns out to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

    I didn’t even read the reviews before placing my order as the 2-pack bundle product page (contained in the OP) doesn’t have any reviews.

    The stand-alone (non-bundled) product page has 9,200+ reviews (mostly positive):

    In short, many reviewers have compared this tumbler to various brand name tumblers (Yeti being the most expensive one, retailing as high as $40).

    The Ozark Trail tumbler is apparently a clone of the name brands, working just as well.

    I’m extremely impressed w/ this tumbler. It supposedly keeps ice cold drinks cold for 36 hours, boiling hot liquids hot for 6+ hours, all while keeping the exterior of the cup at room temperature. (Some reviewers pointed out that if you put a cold liquid inside the tumbler, then put the tumbler in your car, if it’s hot outside, the exterior of the cup may get hot, but the liquid inside remains nice and cold).

    I haven’t kept the tumbler in my car long enough to determine how hot the exterior might get, but I have performed the following tests:

    1. Shortly before going to sleep, filled the tumbler up with ice, then with water. Drank all the water before going to sleep. Next day, after waking up, (perhaps 6-8 hours later), there was still plenty of ice inside the cup (with a little bit of water). Exterior of cup was at room temperature with NO SWEATING.

    2. On another night, shortly before going to sleep, filled up the tumbler with BOILING WATER and made tea. Exterior of cup was room temperature. Drank about half the contents, left the rest inside. After waking up, eating breakfast, showering, etc. remembered to check the tumbler. This was perhaps 8-10 hours later. Tea was “warm” (much warmer than room temperature but not “hot”).

    I’m impressed!


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