Iris Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat, CT-101-L (Z-Wave) $14.87 @ Lowes B&M - YMMV

  • @ctgolfer Ya I posted it a day earlier in the Lowe’s YMMV thread here. But here’s the scoop: Lowe’s took it off the website for online ordering, plus adjusted the price up to $69.99 if returning by any other mechanism (Brickseek included). HOWEVER, it may still be available in-store for a much lower price, if you bother to look for it. Just today I saw them marked down in a local Lowe’s store near me, despite Brickseek reporting $69.99.

  • Thanks for posting – I picked up the last one in my local store for $28.00 on clearance on Sunday. I haven’t had time to play with it yet, but it looks similar in function to the other thermostats I have in the house (and works on 4-AA batteries and doesn’t use a C-wire). One room doesn’t have a large space as the t-stat is near the door frame, so I might put this one there as it’s smaller than the 2GiG ones…

    They also had the Iris Motion Detectors (battery operated) for $12.49 on clearance – plenty of stock on those. I haven’t tried the motions with SmartThings yet, but presume they will work.

  • Update: Now Lowe’s has restored it to available for online ordering, and is reporting the reduced price (for those stores that have it reduced, for in-store pickup only).
    So the Brickseek link should be fairly accurate–as much as Brickseek can be, of course!


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