Samsung Devices - Free Kindle Book Each Month - Different Choice than Prime First Reads

  • Samsung has it’s own version of the “Amazon Kindle” app which offers a free ebook (from a list of choices) each calendar month. I am a prime member, but I don’t see anywhere that it indicates this is a requirement to get the free samsung book deal. This is a different free book from the Amazon Prime’s “First Read” free selection each month.

    From your Samsung device:

    1. Search for installed app “Amazon Kindle” – if you’ve installed one yourself from amazon, you may have two. You want the one that says “Kindle Samsung” on the icon image.
      ** If you don’t have that version installed, launch “Galaxy Apps” and then download and install “Kindle for Samsung”.
    2. Open the Kindle for Samsung app (again, it may just be called “Amazon Kindle” but will say samsung in the icon.
    3. Open the pull-down menu (three horizontal lines in upper left)
    4. Select “Samsung Book Deals”
    5. Look at the options, choose which one you want, and click on the “Buy Now for Free” orange button.


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