What's the easiest program for remote desktop access?

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    My 88 yo dad isn’t the greatest on computer and he’s very hard of hearing. Trying to problem solve over the phone is painful.
    Finally occurred to me that I should be accessing his laptop remotely.
    What’s the best software and what do we need to do to set it up?
    He’s 300 miles away so if something requires installation I’d have him bring it to a computer repair shop.
    Also, he has a W8 laptop. To make it easier for him I installed a W7 shell.
    That shouldn’t matter, right? thanks

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    I used LogMeIn , but they no longer have a free version.

    I just noticed Chrome has a built in one if your father uses Chrome it may be easy for him to set up on his end. And you can set it up so he doesn’t have to be at the computer when you use it. He wouldn’t even have to be signed in or have chrome running and you can reboot his computer if needed.

    TeamViewer appears to be the most popular from a quick search and also has unattended control .

  • I used to use TightVNC years ago.


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    @vegasvegan He doesn’t use Chrome. I might have him mail the laptop to me and install it. I don’t mind paying for Log Me In if it’s a lifetime license.

  • I’d suggest TeamViewer. I’ve used it to access my home PC from work, so it can be set to automatically accept connections (with proper authentication, of course). The free version should suffice for your needs. You can always switch to LogMeIn if you need to.

    I used LogMeIn when it was free, and I prefer it, but what I was using it for didn’t justify paying for it.

  • If you use Skype you can do “share desktop” and give control to other person too.

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    @backsplatter I don’t know how to Skype.


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