Free $5 Amazon Credit(s) For Completing App Store Challenges

  • Amazon has a slew of live App Store challenges that can net you $5 to $10 in credits. The easiest one right now is one to get $5 involves downloading Sony Crackle then streaming all the free episodes of Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy.

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    Nice! I have an Amazon Kindle but mostly use it for listening to audiobooks. I had no idea there were offers like this in their App Store. The link you provided is an extremely long URL, which I can just click on and then bookmark on my PC, but how would I find the App Store Challenges if I’m on my Kindle??? Is there a simple way to find the right page? Thanks. Oh…wait…I can download Crackle onto my TV with Amazon Prime, right? And then set it to watch all of that program? And at the end, there’ll be a message I have to tap (can you do that with an Amazon Prime remote?) in order to get the credit? But it says I have to be signed in to my Amazon account, which would mean either on my Kindle or my PC??? Sorry to sound inept…but I am with anything other than a PC, don’t even have a smartphone. (grin)

  • @dionaea From your Kindle home page tap “Apps” @ the top, then go to the store via the shopping cart. Should be banners for the challenges there.


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